• Matan Diamond

Ultimate Abilities

We recently released our ultimate abilities, epic game changing abilities for each class. Make progress toward your ultimate over the course of a match by getting kills, assists and flag captures. Activate your ultimate to devastate your opponents and swing the game in your favor.

Ultimates for each class:

  • Fighter - Omnislash: teleport around enemies as you chain hits on them for the duration

  • Ranger - Arrow Storm: shoot a burst of 5 arrows when you fire for the duration. Potion effects apply to all of them if using special arrows

  • Anarchist - TNT Trail: summon TNT as you walk. TNT won't damage terrain and can only damage enemies.

  • Engineer - Spacetime Portal: summon a one-way portal from your current location to the block you are looking at.

  • Tank - Desolation Fist: jump up high above the map, then slam down in the direction you select dealing heavy damage to enemies and knocking up blocks in the area you land.

  • Skirmisher - Instinctive Hunter: gain speed and the ability to instantly reload your crossbow whenever you land a hit with anything (including your crossbow!)

  • Gladiator - Storm God's Wrath: channel divine energy, allowing you to jump and glide for the duration. Tridents return to your hand instantly and strike lightning at the location they land.

  • Ninja - Shadow Stride: gain immense speed for the duration and halve the cooldowns on your movement abilities and shuriken regeneration.

  • Berserker - Undying Frenzy: gain a totem of undying, allowing you to live through lethal damage for the duration. Halve the damage taken from your own abilities for the duration and get passive regeneration.


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